UI and performance testing for UI heavy web applications – solutions

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3 minutes read Create automated website tests for free with LoadFocus.com. Testing the UI (user interface) of web applications has been always a main concern of developers. It is the first thing that a user/customer notices once something is wrong. There quite a few solutions on the testing world out there. I will enumerate most of them here and… Read more »

Apache JMeter Performance Load Test

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1 minute read With Load Focus you can run your own Apache JMeter test scripts (.jmx files). All you need to do to run a performance test (to check web app or website rendering, REST / SOAP APIs behavior, or any other endpoint) is: create a new Apache JMeter test after you login in the performance service add an… Read more »

Do you need End to End Automated Test Infrastructure for your CQ application?

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1 minute read If you are using Adobe CQ for your web application, and you’d like to have an automated framework and automated tests to run the nightly, here is what we can offer: 1. Continuous integration infrastructure using Jenkins CI and custom created test framework CI Jenkins/Hudson job created for all the below test types CI Jenkins/Hudson job… Read more »

Web and Mobile Application Testing Automation Cookbook – Hands on guide

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1 minute read If buy books only once a month and if you are in search for good web testing code examples, solutions to real QA problems and tools to make your daily work easier, please think of us next time. We will be here with our new book. Fell free to buy it when is going to… Read more »

How to compare the performance of different builds of a web application?

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1 minute read If you want to check the performance improvement or degradation of your web application between two builds you need to do the following: decide what part of your application you want to compare – page rendering, API response time, CPU or memory of the two builds create a Apache JMeter performance test script run the… Read more »

How many threads or concurrent users can I run in parallel with Apache JMeter from my machine?

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1 minute read If you want to stress your application with Apache JMeter you will try to start a load/performance test from JMeter with a lot of threads or concurrent users. You have an example in our previous post how to create a simple GET performance test for a web application or web site. Let’s return to our… Read more »