Website Speed Test

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You can run a free website speed test using instances of real browsers on We are using Mozilla Firefox browser to run the website speed test, so the results match the end-user experience exactly. Easily re-run speed tests and compare metrics like: Website Load Time Latency Time DOM Processing Time Page Received Time Cache… Read more »

What is a HTTP GET Request?

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The HTTP “GET” method is used just for retrieving data and should have no other effect. When you enter a URI in the browser or you click on a link you are executing a GET request. Here are some characteristics of GET requests: can be cached, bookmarked, appear in browser history. You can easily find details… Read more »

UI and performance testing for UI heavy web applications – solutions

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Create automated website tests for free with Testing the UI (user interface) of web applications has been always a main concern of developers. It is the first thing that a user/customer notices once something is wrong. There quite a few solutions on the testing world out there. I will enumerate most of them here and… Read more »

Performance testing and measuring the page load time of web aplications using PhantomJS and Google charts

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Try the free website speed testing tool, gives you page load time, performance score, insights tips, numbers and sizes of resources for CSS, JS, images files. Performance testing the page load time of a web application can be a little tricky but pretty useful for simulating what the user experience of your customers. The… Read more »