Why does installing JMeter with Homebrew gives invalid option: –with-plugins?

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Apache JMeter

< 1 minute read Before Homebrew 2.0 it was possible to install JMeter with all the extra plugins by using the following command: brew install jmeter –with-plugins Since Homebrew 2.0 the options have been removed so the command from above will show ‘Error: invalid option: –with-plugins‘. How to fix Install JMeter with: brew install jmeter Install the extra plugins… Read more »

Cypress: The Web Testing Framework of the Moment

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3 minutes read Cypress is one of the best web testing frameworks created so far. With more and more new web development frameworks on the market, it’s harder and harder to find an end to end testing or integration testing framework that would work well in any situation. In the recent years, we’ve seen a spike in web… Read more »