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It’s so easy to record a load test for your website, just add to Chrome Browser the JMeter in the Cloud Chrome Extension and you’ll be able to record and run a load in less than 60 seconds.

Let’s have a deeper look how to do this.

Steps to Record and Run Load Tests

  1. Add to Chrome the LoadFocus | JMeter Load Testing in the Cloud extension
  2. Open the extension and Sign In / Up (free account available)
  3. Click Record JMeter Test button (choose which requests you want to record by selecting the checkboxes below the Record button)
  4. Start navigating to your website and to your website pages (during this time your requests are recorded in a new load test)
  5. Stop the recording and view the generated load test

This is it, less than 60 seconds to record a load test.

No need to install or start Apache JMeter, recording is done in the browser, and running the test in the cloud.

Now you can:

More detail can be found in this video.

Install Chrome Extension from here.

Written by Bogdan Vazzolla.

LoadFocus is a cloud Performance, load and stress testing tool which provides the infrastructure and the ability to run all these tests with thousands of concurrent users, from multiple cloud locations, in less than a few minutes, keep history of the results, compare different runs to inspect performance improvements or performance degradation.

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