How to Add UI Steps in a Automated Website Test

Automated Website Testing & Monitoring Selenium WebDriver UI Testing.

2 minutes read With Automated Website Testing Service from you can easily automated your manual tests. Just go to New Website Test page inside and click on the Step Action dropdown.   Choose the desired Step Action for your Automated Website Test search for the desired the step action (Actions, ScreenShots, Navigation and Assertions) add the step… Read more »

Automate Manual Tests for your Website with Cloud Automated Website Testing Service from LoadFocus

Automated Website Testing & Monitoring Selenium WebDriver UI Testing.

< 1 minute read We released a cloud-based web UI testing service that makes life easier to build functional tests and automate the repetitive manual testing of your site. You can catch bugs before your users do. It’s similar to Selenium WebDriver, but for projects that are short infrastructure and/or coding expertise to confidently develop and manage automated test suites. Create… Read more »

How to Select a Dropdown in Selenium WebDriver using Java

Selenium WebDriver Test Automation.

2 minutes read In order to select a dropdown value with Selenium WebDriver you have to create a Select (in C# it’s called SelectElement) element and not use the default WebElements. import; Use our previous post to locate elements with Selenium WebDriver. Select dropdown = new Select(driver.findElement(“identifier”))); Let’s consider the following dropdown element for our example: See… Read more »

Do you need End to End Automated Test Infrastructure for your CQ application?

CQ Testing Performance Testing Selenium WebDriver Test Automation UI Testing.

< 1 minute read If you are using Adobe CQ for your web application, and you’d like to have an automated framework and automated tests to run the nightly, here is what we can offer: 1. Continuous integration infrastructure using Jenkins CI and custom created test framework CI Jenkins/Hudson job created for all the below test types CI Jenkins/Hudson job… Read more »