How To Use Apache JMeter To Load Test a Web Server

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6 minutes read Overview We are going to present how to use Apache JMeter (open source load testing tool) in order to perform basic load and stress testing on your web application. We are going through each step and show how to use JMeter’s GUI (graphical user interface) in order to build a test plan, configure load tests,… Read more »

Why Minify JavaScript?

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1 minute read In this post we are going to present why minifying javascript files is important. People believe that compressing (gzipping) JavaScript files should be enough and there is no need to minify JavaScript files. This is a common mistake and below we present an explanation of what is involved in the process of minifying a file… Read more »

Standard Deviation and Percentiles in Load Testing Metrics

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1 minute read Standard deviation and percentiles are very helpful when comes to calculating the response times in a load test or a performance test. Standard deviation is just like it sounds: the routine deviation around the average. Standard Deviation can then be used as a gauge of longer response times. For normal distributions, we know that roughly… Read more »

Website speed test comparison between the landing pages of the most important car producers in UK

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3 minutes read Today we are going to website speed test the landing pages of the most important car producers and sellers in the UK.   First tested site: UK website of Audi manufacturer Next tested site: UK website of Vauxhall manufacturer   Next tested site: UK website of Ford manufacturer   Next tested site: UK website of Land Rover manufacturer… Read more »

Load Testing Jenkins Plugin from

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1 minute read We’ve released our load testing plugin for Jenkins CI. Use the Post build actions and define your load test limits in order to mark the build UNSTABlE or FAILED Easy multiple accounts access via the credential Jenkins plugin. More details here: Installation Steps: 1. Create your load testing account on 2. Copy your… Read more »

How to use Header Presets to Reuse Set of Headers for Future Load Tests

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2 minutes read We’ve implemented the Header Presets functionality in order to save time and reused same set of headers for future load tests. The steps on how to use the Header Presets are described below: Under the URL section click on the Headers button Click “Manage Presets” button and Popup appears with the list of current presets (empty… Read more »