Understanding website speed test metrics

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1 minute read Website speed testing metrics are useful when you understand what do they mean and which are the most important metrics that you need to consider. Below is a list of metrics used in website speed testing that you may find useful, here are the metrics and their definitions: First byte – Delay between the first HTTP… Read more »

Network Bandwidth Throttling for Website Speed Tests

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2 minutes read We’re happy to announce that our website speed testing service can now run tests with the network throttled. This comes as a feedback of the new service poll we’ve created and we’d like to thank you for the responses. Basically you can see how your pages load in different network conditions GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G,… Read more »

How to Improve Conversion Rate by Increasing Rendering Speed for Slow Websites

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1 minute read Having a slow website makes your conversion rate to be very low. Page load time is an important metric to take into consideration when talking about a website’s user experience. Nobody wants to slow website, nor you as a website owner, not your clients. Search engines usually prefer faster websites in their search results. And… Read more »

LoadFocus Releases Free Page Load Time Chrome Extension

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1 minute read LoadFocus today announced the release of its Google Chrome extension as the newest addition to their testing platform. LoadFocus’s Chrome extension allows users to run free website speed tests and see what’s slowing down their websites. They can monitor changes over time for each page and get advice on how to reduce page load times, see… Read more »

Enable gzip compression on NGINX

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2 minutes read During Speed testing of your website or web application using LoadFocus (https://loadfocus.com/website-speed-testing) on the Advice section you might get the tip that you need to enable compression like in the image below:     Compressing responses often significantly reduces the size of transmitted data. Because the compression happens at runtime this can add a big… Read more »