Introducing LF Page Speed Monitoring – Easily track speed of your website and compare with competitors

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2 minutes read Customers conversion rate is a very important metric for every online business, even if you have a simple website, a blog, an ecommerce marketplace or a complex platform. At LoadFocus, we saw this as an opportunity to add a new service under the same plans, a service which will help you keep an eye on… Read more »

How to Load Test your Cryptocurrency Exchange Service

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1 minute read Load Testing your cryptocurrency exchange service is very easy with the Cloud Load Testing Tool provided by LoadFocus. You can easily simulate exchange transactions by calling your API endpoints within our load testing tool. It can simulate up to 600k requests per each load test. Load tests run in real-time and you can inspect multiple performance… Read more »

Cost-Effective way to Test your Websites from the Cloud – Video

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1 minute read We’ve created a video to present an overview of LoadFocus services offered: Cloud Load Testing Website Speed Testing Automated Website Testing Mobile Emulation Testing Please see below the full video. is a All-In-One Cloud Testing Platform for Load Testing and Performance Testing, Website Speed Testing, Automated Website Testing and Mobile Emulation for Websites, Mobile Applications… Read more »

6 Things about Websites That Business Owners Need to Know

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1 minute read Here is a list of some of the most important 6 things that you, as a business owner, need to know about your website. Response Time of your main web pages  More details about speed testing Latency of your main web pages More details about page load testing Performance Score of your landing page More details about… Read more »

New Test Locations for Load Testing and Website Speed Testing

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1 minute read We’ve added new test locations for the Load Testing and Website Speed Testing services. The new test locations are the result of the pool (see results below) we’ve sent a couple of days ago, thanks everyone for the feedback. List of all available test locations for load testing and website speed testing is: US East… Read more »