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1 minute read With WebTechResources.com you can discover and share new resources, tech tools, products every day. You can find the best tools in every category sorted by number of views, votes, comments. Compare your favourite tech resources with other resources in the same category, and find the best tool for your company. Here are some interesting categories… Read more »

How to Implement Agile Guidelines and Methodologies

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2 minutes read We wanted to share with everyone how we use Agile methodologies to release new features and get feedback on our release process. We use 2  weeks sprints, and below are the meetings and details of our process:  Sprint Planning – 1-2 hours Product Owner presents all the stories for the current sprint (what/why do we have… Read more »

What is a HTTP GET Request?

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1 minute read The HTTP “GET” method is used just for retrieving data and should have no other effect. When you enter a URI in the browser or you click on a link you are executing a GET request. Here are some characteristics of GET requests: can be cached, bookmarked, appear in browser history. You can easily find details… Read more »