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At our core, we’re dedicated to delivering innovative features efficiently and effectively. By embracing Agile methodologies and tailoring them to our unique workflow, we’ve established a process that fosters rapid development, feedback, and continuous improvement.

Sprint Planning: Laying the Groundwork

Our journey through each sprint begins with meticulous planning, ensuring every team member is aligned and ready to embark on the development voyage.

Clarification and Estimation

  • Clarification: Diving deep into each story for a clear understanding.
  • Estimation: Assessing complexities and potential risks.

Ownership and Commitment

  • Ownership: Assigning drivers and defining tasks.
  • Commitment: Agreeing on the sprint’s scope.

Mid Sprint Demo: Sharing Progress

This pivotal check-in allows us to gauge our trajectory and make necessary adjustments.

Progress Review

  • Demonstrating current implementations and seeking early feedback.

QA Insights

  • Reviewing QA’s status on stories, evaluating confidence levels, and identifying risks.

End Sprint Demo: Reflecting on Results

As we approach the sprint’s finish line, we take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments and areas for improvement.

Final Presentations

  • Presenting implementations and gathering feedback.

QA Evaluation

  • Finalizing QA’s comprehensive review of each story.

Scenario Testing: Validating User Experience

A dedicated session for ensuring our features resonate well with users, especially in edge-case scenarios.

Sprint Retrospective: Fostering Growth

An opportunity for the team to come together, celebrate successes, and identify pathways for growth.

Reflective Analysis

  • Utilizing the “Start, Keep, Stop” framework to pinpoint areas of improvement.

Default Story Tasks: Ensuring Quality

A detailed breakdown of the tasks that accompany each story, from development to quality assurance.

DEV Tasks

  • Discussing implications, documenting, and implementing features, including code reviews and bug fixing.

QA Tasks

  • Crafting test plans, automating tests, and conducting thorough manual checks.

Definition of Done: Our Quality Benchmark

Our commitment to quality is non-negotiable. A story is only considered complete when it meets our comprehensive ‘Definition of Done’.

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