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Throughput – indicates the number of transactions per second an application can handle, the amount of transactions produced over time during a test.

For every application there are lots of users performing lots of different requests. What you need to ensure is that your application meets the required capacity before it hits production or live. To ensure that, load and performance testing is the solution.

Choose different type of requests (frequent, critical, and intensive) and see how many pass successfully in an interval.
To solve the problem you should try to simulate load through load testing tools like Load Focus ( to pick a mix of scenario for load testing, define concurrent users, number of loops etc. The load test should be simulated with real live data (users, requests etc)

Throughput depends on different factors:

  • specifications of the host computer
  • processing overhead in the software
  • degree of parallelism both hardware and software support
  • types of transactions being processed

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