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Apache JMeter is an open source load and performance tool written in Java and it’s available on almost any OS. This is an intro post about Apache JMeter tool and I’m trying to point out how it can help you in your daily Quality Engineer job.
You can use Apache JMeter for performance, load, stress testing and memory-leak testing for accurate information. Also, JMeter can be used for understanding the performance of a web application, service, end-point etc.

I will present how to use Jmeter for creating a basic load test for a web application, below are Jmeter test configuration from the most basic one (without assertions and reporting), to the most advanced which includes Response Assertions, Reporting, Exporting Data and Chart Results and so on.

1. GET HTTP Request for https://www.example.com/

  • no assertions
  • no reporting

In the next posts I will present details of performance testing expressions: response time, latency, hits per second, transactions per second, throughput, and size per second.

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