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The JMeterPlugins-Extras contains additional plugins for extended testing and complex testing. Also it does not require additional libraries to run.

The JmeterPlugins-ExtrasLibs contains additional plugins that do require additional libs to run.

How to install :

  1. Download from http://jmeter-plugins.org/downloads/file/JMeterPlugins-Extras-1.2.1.zip; in case the link does not work anymore it must be because the version has been updated so please visit http://jmeter-plugins.org/ and download the latest version for the Extras Set
  2. Download from http://jmeter-plugins.org/downloads/file/JMeterPlugins-ExtrasLibs-1.2.1.zip; download the latest version for the Extras with Libs Set from http://jmeter-plugins.org/
  3. See more details

  4. Once downloaded, extract JMeterPlugins-Extras-1.2.1.zip into a temporary location
  5. Copy the folders contents from the archive in the JMeter plugin installation directory (the folder structure in the zip file matches the folder structure in the JMeter tool installation directory)
  6. Once the files are copied in the correct folders inside JMeter’s installation directory, restart JMeter and the new plugins will be present

LoadFocus Team