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Have you ever entered a website and realized how slow things move, you just click a button and you have time to do something else until the requested action is finished.

Sometimes I enter on this kind of websites with the idea to purchase their product or service, but when the things move so slow, I start to ask myself, do I really wanna purchase this or shall I find another competitor or website offering the same product.

The bad thing about slow websites is that your start extrapolating the slowness of the website with every other service they might provide, like manufacturing and delivering the product, refunding in case something goes wrong, potential issues along the way that may appear etc.

Most of these may not be true, but we still extend this slowness in other ares.

If you identify websites as businesses, then how would it feel to enter a coffee shop where the barista makes your coffee in 2x, 5x or even 10x the usual expected time. You would imagine that they are not very good at making tasty coffee, that they are beginners or any other comment which may not be true.

So why not make your website as fast as possible, so that your customers encounter a soft and amazing experience, so that they come back happily for more.

Some areas related to your website’s performance that you should consider monitoring and improving are covered in this blog post.

Nowadays, even the SEO score of your individual web pages can be calculated and potential issues can be highlighted.

SEO score part calculated using Website Performance Monitoring tool

Your goal should be to actively monitor and improve the performance of your website and your web pages.

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Written by Bogdan Vazzolla.

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