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JMeter offers the ability to simulate a number of users sending various HTTP/HTTPS requests to a server application.

Apache JMeter is not limited to HTTP/HTTPS, it supports other protocols like FTP, SMTP, and much more.

JMeter does not execute the Javascript from the HTML pages and it does not render the HTML received from the request.

Running an Apache JMeter Load Test in the Cloud from LoadFocus

JMeter adds load to a server in order to analyse the overall behaviour of the system under test.

You should be familiar with the order of execution for elements inside a Apache JMeter script file.

Written by Bogdan Vazzolla.

LoadFocus is a cloud performance, load and stress testing tool which provides the infrastructure to run tests with thousands of concurrent users, from multiple cloud locations, in less than a few minutes, keep history of the results, compare different runs to inspect performance improvements or performance degradation. It also supports running JMeter load tests from the cloud.

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