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Selenium IDE is an open source record and playback tool used. Easy to use and fast in generating UI functional test cases.

selenium ide

End to End testing is quite fast when you create tests from the Selenium IDE Chrome Extension or Firefox Add-on.

Debugging tests, setting breakpoints, running an UI test to a specific test step work out of the box the new version of Selenium IDE.

Test suites are available in order to group previously generated test cases, and exporting your test cases is a click of a button away.

Concurrent execution of test cases is available from the command-line (terminal) and which lowers your execution time.

Multiple selector fallback happens automatically, basically when you click and record a test case and interact with an element, Selenium IDE generated 3-5 fallback selectors, so that in case first selector fails, Selenium IDE automatically verifies the other selectors before failing the test step.

selenium ide

You can have a look in more depth with the new Selenium IDE course created Understand Selenium IDE Test Automation Tool #seleniumide course

selenium ide course
Selenium IDE Video Course

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