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Load Testing is all about caring for your customers.

Running load tests all year round is a best practice and you should have this idea in mind.

Here are just a few things that can affect your sales, by getting less conversions and increasing the churn rate:

  • New releases containing new code/features with performance issues
  • slow new features
  • buggy code which causes the website, web service to hang
  • freezing screens
  • slow database
  • no CDN for assets
  • non optimised code/HTML/JS/CSS files
  • heavy fonts
  • not used CSS styles and others

SEO is also impacted by slow websites, sites what experience issues when the load is higher that usual.

These are just some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to load test your web services, websites every day/week/month/year and not just at specific times.

With LoadFocus.com there is no need to write any piece of code while configuring your load tests, just a few seconds and you are ready to run load test for your websites.

Here are potential load testing errors and response codes that you may receive while running your load tests.

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