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Do you have an idea how does your website behave when you send a 10k emails campaign. Is it going to be UP, DOWN, how is the overall user experience going to be?

LoadFocus is an All-In-One cloud testing platform for Load Testing and performance testing. It also provides other cloud testing services likeĀ Website Speed Testing, Automated Website Testing for Websites, Mobile Applications and APIs and Mobile Emulation on Mobile Devices.

All the services provided are useful in order to find website performance bottleneck and try to improve the overall performance of your website.

LoadFocus runs in the browser, so no need to install anything. You can run tests from multiple locations around the world for a better and more realistic results.
You can configure your load tests by duration to identify application behaviour when x clients connect on the app in parallel over a period of time, or by number of repeats to inspect application behaviour when x clients connect for x times on your application.

Live load test results help you understand the behaviour of your application in real-time, and hints on current results are displayed in order to understand how to continue with the next load test.
For every load test you can inspect Response Time, Latency, Hits/second, Throughput/second, Standard Deviation, Percentiles 50th, 90th, 99th, which represent the most useful load testing and performance testing metrics.

For errors and response codes, charts are displayed with useful information to understand when these errors occurred, and have a better perception on how should you tweak your load tests in order to discover the exact scenarios that are breaking your application.

For a better integration with your CI you can use the Free Cloud Website and API Load Testing Chrome extension for creating and running free website and API load tests and speed tests.

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