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If you want to stress your application with Apache JMeter you will try to start a load/performance test from JMeter with a lot of threads or concurrent users.

You have an example in our previous post how to create a simple GET performance test for a web application or web site.

Let’s return to our question, the number of threads that you can start from your machine it first depends on its hardware capabilities CPU, Memory. Apache JMeter is a Java application with a good UI interface, very easy to design new tests, however if you want to run load or performance tests you should run the JMeter test (.jmx file) from the Command Line. This way you will be able to start a lot more concurrent threads.

As an average you can start between 200-250 threads on a single machine, with a maximum of 300 threads. Before starting the actual test, you need to do a dry run from the injector machine and inspect when the tests start failing and limit the maximum number of threads per thread group.

To run a load or performance test with your own Apache JMeter script you can use Load Focus Cloud Load and Performance testing service which allows you to do the following:

  • select the number and location of injector machines (for example North America, Asia, Europe etc)
  • upload your own JMeter test script (.jmx) on the injector machines
  • run the test and monitor the execution log and live results

You can also upload different scripts on different machines so that you can check different scenarios like check your Sign Up functionality while the site is under heavy load.