Why does installing JMeter with Homebrew gives invalid option: –with-plugins?

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< 1 minute read Before Homebrew 2.0 it was possible to install JMeter with all the extra plugins by using the following command: brew install jmeter –with-plugins Since Homebrew 2.0 the options have been removed so the command from above will show ‘Error: invalid option: –with-plugins‘. How to fix Install JMeter with: brew install jmeter Install the extra plugins… Read more »

JMeter Cloud Testing

Apache JMeter Cloud Services.

< 1 minute read With JMeter Cloud Load Testing Tool from LoadFocus, you can upload your Apache JMeter test scripts (.jmx files), run and analyze JMeter results from multiple world locations, everything in a easy to use UI. Running your own custom JMeter test script in the cloud has never been easier. Hope this information helps, try JMeter Cloud… Read more »

LoadFocus launches today the Cloud Load Testing Service

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< 1 minute read LoadFocus launches today the cloud load and performance testing service powerful enough to stress a web application or API with thousands of concurrent users. Based on Apache JMeter open source project and hosted in the cloud, LoadFocus is designed for software developers, QA (Quality Assurance) engineers and product owners to run accurate load and performance tests… Read more »