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load testing example email

What is a Good Example of Load Testing?

Whenever I get asked why do I need load testing or why is load testing so important, over and over again I come up with this simple example. Load Testing ...
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lighthouse performance score

How to Improve your WordPress Performance Score

We managed to get a 99/100 Performance Score with Google Lighthouse, check the details below how we did it. Read more on how to run a Google Lighthouse audit. First ...
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Understanding Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

Cumulative Layout Shift or CLS, Web Vitals and Core Web Vitals, these terms seem complicated, but it's actually not that hard to understand what they stand for. Web Vitals is ...
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What is Google Lighthouse?

If you know nothing about your customers' experience with your website, Google Lighthouse might be the right tool for you. Google Lighthouse is an open source automated website auditing tool ...
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Apache JMeter

Which is the Execution Order of Elements in Apache JMeter?

The execution order of the elements in an Apache JMeter performance test plan is very important, it helps understand the timeline of events and how your test will behave. Make ...
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software release checklist

Agile Software Release Checklist Manifesto

In this new agile world, you want to improve your application every day by releasing early and often. How do you manage to release often without major issues? Create a ...
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load testing online

What is the Purpose of Load Testing?

First goal of load testing is “do not lose customers”, the second goal of load testing is… check the first goal. Leaving movie quotes aside, load testing helps you understand ...
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record jmeter tests in the browser

How to Record and Run Load Tests with JMeter in the Cloud Chrome Extension

It's so easy to record a load test for your website, just add to Chrome Browser the JMeter in the Cloud Chrome Extension and you'll be able to record and ...
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record jmeter tests chrome extension

Record JMeter Tests Chrome Extension

If you need to run a JMeter Load Test and it's a burden to download Apache JMeter locally on your machine, open it and manually create your JMeter test file, ...
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writing testing articles

Our Most Popular Testing Blog Posts so far

Wanted to help you make the most of our blogs and group in this article the list of blog posts we consider to be the most important, viewed and useful: ...
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