What is a HTTP GET Request?

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1 minute read The HTTP “GET” method is used just for retrieving data and should have no other effect. When you enter a URI in the browser or you click on a link you are executing a GET request. Here are some characteristics of GET requests: can be cached, bookmarked, appear in browser history. You can easily find details… Read more »

UI and performance testing for UI heavy web applications – solutions

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3 minutes read Create automated website tests for free with LoadFocus.com. Testing the UI (user interface) of web applications has been always a main concern of developers. It is the first thing that a user/customer notices once something is wrong. There quite a few solutions on the testing world out there. I will enumerate most of them here and… Read more »

Performance testing and measuring the page load time of web aplications using PhantomJS and Google charts

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2 minutes read Try the free website speed testing tool https://loadfocus.com/website-speed-testing, gives you page load time, performance score, insights tips, numbers and sizes of resources for CSS, JS, images files. Performance testing the page load time of a web application can be a little tricky but pretty useful for simulating what the user experience of your customers. The… Read more »