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LoadFocus is a cloud testing platform. With LoadFocus you can check your website/API performance, inspect mobile rendering, compare versions of your website and much more.

Load Testing by LoadFocus

Let’s say you have an email campaign planned for thousands of subscribers and you want to check how your website/blog is going to behave when tens or hundreds of users are going to hit your website every second.

With LoadFocus you can mimic this behaviour with our Load Testing service, you can simulate load on your website or APIs with 1000 concurrent users per second or 600k requests per test. You can select from 6 different world test locations, so your load test scenario can be very realistic. Here are some more articles to get you start with running your first load test and understand performance and load testing metrics better:

The above Load Testing related articles will get you up to speed with Load Testing, as a best practice in software development, reasons why is good to load test your application, website or web services, and how to understand better your load test results. Here is another article on how to load test my website.

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Website Speed Testing by LoadFocus

How fast your website loads can affect customer conversion rate. There are improvements that you can do in order to make your web pages load faster.

Response time, Latency, Performance score, Minifying Assets (JS, CSS, HTML), Optimising Images, CDN for Multiple Locations and others may improve your page load and increase your customer conversion rate, below is a list of related website speed testing articles:

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