We’re pulling back the curtain on how we came with the idea for what we consider “The Ultimate Selenium WebDriver Testing & Hands-on Guide”

In the previous two years we’ve managed to post dozens of interesting new articles on our blog http://loadfocus.com/blog, and the increasing number of visitors prove that we are creating compelling and quality content.

Our main area of focus are testing articles on how to use Selenium WebDriver, Apache JMeter, LoadFocus and other testing tips and tricks.


Some of our most successful articles are listed below:


At the beginning, we were trying to promote LoadFocus as a Cloud Testing Framework, but our marketing efforts were failing, and nobody was actually visiting our website or signing up for our cloud service.

Then we stepped back and thought we really need to think about what can we do to drive more traffic to our blog and service.

So we started creating blog post with interesting, complete and quality content related to Automated Functional Testing with Selenium WebDriver. We also created our own Automated Website Testing service provided by LoadFocus.

We’ve added a list of how to’s articles on how to locate elements with Selenium WebDriver, how to take a screenshot with Selenium WebDriver, how to wait for an web element with Selenium WebDriver, how to select a dropdown, how to use explicit and implicit waits and timeouts and more other interesting topics.

The only difference is that all the articles we’ve written come from our own pain points, and we’ve trying to provide the FULL information related to the topic, with no need to go anywhere else to search for an answer to your questions. Working examples are present in most of our blog posts and we update them once we get a new update.

So, in the past couple of weeks, we came with the idea, to create our own Online Course – “The Ultimate Selenium WebDriver Testing & Hands-on Guide”. We like to call it “Ultimate”, since we believe it’s going to be something different from what’s there on the market, something easier and faster for you to learn. Instead of watching 100 or 200 hours of Online Courses, we try to compress ours in just 5 hours.

We created the Online Course presentation page, and we decided on the most important things to get discussed and we’ve generated our first curriculum.

Hope you’ll enjoy it, and have a look at “The Ultimate Selenium WebDriver Testing & Hands-on Guide”.